cheri sh, (rosesinverse) wrote in prontera,
cheri sh,

acRO: anime connex Ragnarok Online

Hey! I would just like to take a moment to promote our private server, acRO. acRO is pretty small at the moment, due to a previous server wipe and a population change. That, however, does not make acRO any less fun. acRO players have a great sense of humour and a rather close-knit community - practically everyone knows everyone. Currently, our rates are 12/12/6/4 with Aldebaran War Of Emperium every Saturday and Onslaught thereafter. Random MvPfests are not uncommon and our (very wacky) GMs sometimes turn PvP on themselves - or on everyone. Why join acRO? a) Our players are fun (AND major RO geeks), b) It is a great place to make new friends and c) New people are very much welcome. I mean, MMORPGs, right? Why join one with thousands of players who will ignore you? Come on over and join us today: We promise great fun, great laughs and an enjoyable server. (PS: Currently our main town is Aldebaran, because Prontera is too frigging huge and we hate walking. :D) Also, server owner = Gottaname. You might want to check him out on Urban Dictionary. ;D
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