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Forgotten RO

I would like to take a moment to advertise for the Forgotten RO server. Recently, the SHR was shut down and the MR was created. However, a few days ago the admin decided to reopen the SHR, therefore the few players that were on the MR have left. I think there are about 8~10 players now, give or take a few. Now, the server is rather new, less than one month old I think?

The rates are 75/75/35. Job change is done by job questing and paying 1.2m to rebirth (iRO style), and you have to first walk to a town to acquire warping access to it, same for dungeons (you have to find the Warpra NPC to acquire it, after that you can warp to the dungeon or town whenever you want).

The economy is ivery slow at the moment, considering it's new, but making zeny isn't terribly difficult. You can make enough to rebirth by the time you're 99/50, more than likely. On that note, max level is 99/70, max stat is 90. There aren't really any customs added yet, but there will be in the future. (It's new, remember?) So for now the main thing to do is hunt your gears and make zeny. WoE has already begun. One castle is open each day.

Please give this server a try. It's very nice for a midrate, and the people are usually quite friendly and have unique personalities. If you stick around you won't regret it.


Currently the cpanel is down so you have to register while logging into the client, via the username_F or username_M method.
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