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oo1; None of us are a big fan of conflict so, those who watch and/or participate we ask that you keep things nice and civil. Breaking this rule will result in a ban from this journal.

oo2; Please keep large images under a lj cut please! Check the FAQ link for how-tos on LJ specific code.

oo3; If your information is coming from a private server please note it in your post as not to confuse misinformation with main servers.

oo4; If there is any show of nudity, sexual or distburbing content please label your image as NWS [not work safe].

oo5; If your submitted image is not an original work please announce where they are from! [ie: posting links to artwork etc.]

oo6; Anything goes as far as posting so feel free to: Ask RO related questions, post artwork, post fics, post cosplays, share your RO information and experiences, post RO related ads .. etc. Just stay on topic!
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